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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

July, 2022 - April, 2023

Calling All Aspiring Game Entrepreneurs

The GameFounders Program is a video game incubation, acceleration and mentorship program targeting Saudi game entrepreneurs brought to you by the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology and GameFounders, the world’s first global business accelerator focused on games.

Join us in a journey that starts with a game idea and ends with the launch of your own game studio. In 6 months of incubation, 100 Saudi game entrepreneurs will form teams, develop game prototypes, demos and pitch their games business. Only the best teams will progress to the 3 months intense acceleration stage where are they supported to launch their games to the market. Throughout the program, 50 top games industry mentors will train, mentor, and guide you at every step of the journey. Become the Kingdom’s next games success story!

The Program

6-month games incubator to support Saudi founders building successful game teams.

October 9th, 2022 – March 23rd, 2023 (24 weeks)

From Sunday to Thursday (10:00AM - 5:00PM)


3-month games accelerator to fast track the top game teams into published Saudi game studios.

April 23 – July 27, 2023 (13 weeks) -- selected teams only

From Sunday to Thursday (10:00AM - 5:00PM)

The Incubator
Bootcamp Week

Incubation starts with a high energy introductory bootcamp where all participants get to pitch their game ideas and form teams.

1 week

Game Concept Stage

The teams will flesh out their game ideas into final concepts with the support of training and mentorship.

3 weeks

Game Design Stage

The teams will refine their game concepts into full-fledged game designs while receiving advice from international game designers.

4 weeks

Prototype Stage

The teams start building game prototypes and learning from successful developers, artists and game designers.

8 weeks

Demo Stage

Prototypes progress into demos in the final stage of incubation where the teams have access to even more mentors.

8 weeks

Demo Day

The teams will pitch and showcase their game to progress to the acceleration stage.

The Accelerator
Strategy & Operations

Acceleration will start with focus on business planning and operations. The teams will do pitching practice on a weekly basis

4 weeks

Technology & Production

The accelerated teams will turn their focus to defining technologies and processes needed their business to succeed

4 weeks

Go-To Market

In the last month the teams will focus on go-to market, setting marketing strategies, plans & targets, and pitching to publishers & investors

4 weeks

About GameFounders

Established in 2012, GameFounders is the world’s first business accelerator and mentorship program focused on games. GameFounders has accelerated over 70 games startups from 28 countries.

You will be able to register for the program, if you are:
Above 18 years old
Program Features
Mentor Program

50+ mentors from the global game industry provide guidance and feedback to the entrepreneurs.

Technical and Business Training

150+ training hours across all facets of game development and business.

Strategy Sessions

The teams are coached to become a studio and make strategic choices around their games.

Playtest Days

The teams get the opportunity to test their game prototypes on real audiences.

Weekly Pitching

Teams get to develop their pitching skills as an entrepreneur to attract publishers and investors.

Funding Opportunities

Qualified teams will be considered for funding.


3000 SAR monthly allowance per participant during the incubation stage


100000 SAR as a grant for each startup at the acceleration stage

Game Studio Roles
Game Programmer

Game Programmers develop the game using game engines and coding to build the game from prototype to finished product, as well as developing the tools that will be used in the process. Their job is to make sure the game is playable, and functions properly as intended.

Game Artist

Game Artists create the game’s visual direction and ensure that all visual elements from the user interface to environments, characters, visual effects and animation follow the vision set out in the game design. They are responsible for the game’s look and feel.

Game Designer

Game Designers bring game concepts to life through iteration by creating and balancing game mechanics, game loops and game systems. Their job is to make the game engaging and fun and to communicate the game design to artists and programmers.

Game Marketeer

The marketer’s main responsible is to maximize reach of the game to the target audience. Marketing considerations influence the game project at all stages from concept to launch and beyond. Marketers define the target market and prepare and execute marketing plans.

Training Hours
Application stages as follows

1-2 minutes

Initial Application Stage

Submission of initial short application form


7-10 minutes

Full Application Stage

Qualified applicants of initial application to upload intro video and submit full application 


15 minutes

Interview Stage

 Online interviews with qualified applicants from the full application stage



The last day for submitting applications was August 31st, 2022. However, you can still apply on the same form if you have been invited to join the program by email.

The program will start with the incubation stage on Sunday October 9th, 2022

Email will be the primary method of communication. Make sure you enter your primary (most used) email correctly and check it regularly. Acceptance emails will be sent no later than September 15th

No. The program requires physical presence at the program premises in Riyadh City throughout the duration of the program: the 6 months incubation starting in October 2022, and the 3 months acceleration for selected startups starting in April 2023

100 entrepreneurs will be selected to join the program across all four main roles/disciplines.

Zero. There is no fees for participation, however the entrepreneurs must demonstrate commitment to participate throughout the incubation and acceleration stages.

Participant selection will involve application review followed by applicant interviews. Applications will be reviewed and evaluated by a committee including MCIT, Gamefounders and a panel of experts drawn from our pool of mentors. Short-listed applicants will be interviewed by members of the committee after which the final program participants will be selected. After you submit your application, look out for interview requests sent via email

Previous game development experience is not a requirement; however, preference will be given to candidates who demonstrate a passion for game development, an entrepreneurial spirit, and prior experience (games or non-games) in the primary roles they apply to whether that experience is gained as a hobbyist or in an academic or professional setting.

Yes. You can specify in the application form if you have a team, but make sure all your team members apply and can commit to attend in Riyadh for the entire program duration.

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