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Digital Challenges

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What are the digital challenges?

One of the initiatives of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, which is a series of challenges concerned with emerging technologies, and each challenge consists of several stages, and each challenge has its own technology!

Targeted technologies in the challenges
Artificial Intelligence
Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
3D Printing
Internet of Things
Thousand Saudi Riyals total cash prizes
Digital Challenges

For the first challenge, we chose the blockchain technology, which is a technology that relies on storing data or any valuable element on the Internet via digital block chains that are very accurate and secure and do not need a central authority.

Artificial Intelligence

For the second challenge, we chose artificial intelligence technology; It is a technology that is able to learn, infer and simulate like humans, knowing how to solve problems, verify information, and perform tasks in ways that make sense as a human.


The competition has three main tracks: supply chains and e-commerce, smart contracts, creative industries.

If you are accepted, a guide will be sent to you explaining the tools used and how to use them.

Attending workshops and counseling sessions is required to fully benefit from the program.

The award will be delivered to the idea owner and he is responsible for receiving and distributing it to his team members.

We are pleased to contact you and we will always be ready to help on the following e-mail:

We welcome those who are passionate and interested in technology in general and blockchains in particular, from the age of 18 years and above.

The competition focuses on supporting Saudi youth and developing their modern technical aspects to harmonize local technical thought with that of the developed world

It is allowed to register as the owner of the idea or programmer, and after receiving the acceptance notice to you, the formation of the team will start through the portal.

There is no fee as the Digital Challenges Program aims to support the nation's youth and raise technical competence in general

Given the importance of each path of the challenge, it is necessary to register the participant with only one idea for each path separately.

Each idea owner must form his team consisting of 1 to 2 members as a maximum

The challenge will be implemented virtually, given the circumstances of the Coronavirus pandemic.

It will be an intensive program that includes extensive training workshops and mentoring sessions with technical experts.

Both languages, Arabic and English

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