Our Services

Our Services

The language of the future is technology, and at CODE we speak it!

At CODE, we take our objectives and goals seriously not only as organizational goals, but also as a personal mission for each and every one of our team members. That is why we are always working hard to ensure that the needs of our ambitious entrepreneurs are met, their concerns addressed, and their goals achieved. To maintain this level of harmony we provide a variety of services to our community members.


Funding Support

Aims to increase financing opportunities for early start-up companies to reach the stage of investment round A by enabling ways to obtain funding or investment, and increase the number of investors in the digital field.

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One of our goals at CODE is to lead the development of local talents, through linking our entrepreneurs with the best mentors out there. No matter what product you are working on, if you need an expert opinion, we will make sure we connect you with the right person.

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Numo Program

Enable entrepreneurs to transform ideas and emerging technical projects and transform them into major technology companies, we are pleased to provide a group of consulting solutions and specialized services in the field of digital entrepreneurship.

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Innovation Network

As part of our ecosystem, we have created partnerships with many innovation labs across the Kingdom, these labs will help you with product design, provide technical innovative solutions, and work with you on developing the next breakthrough technologies.

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A series of meetings and discussions covering several topics on digital entrepreneurship, with a group of experts and specialists from entrepreneurs, investors, and decision-makers to enrich and enhance the culture of digital entrepreneurship and share experiences.

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Entrepreneurs Perks

Giving support to digital entrepreneurship platforms and startups by providing a package of technical incentives and providing mentors to empower entrepreneurs through a comprehensive electronic platform.

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A monthly newsletter about the digital entrepreneurship, which we will know the latest news through, share achievements, and tell the success stories of digital startups and entrepreneurs.

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