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Thakaa Center for Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Talk to advisors from the our team or from specialists in the fields of technology and entrepreneurship.

About The Center

Thakaa Center is one of the innovation centers of the General Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises “Monshaat” and it is the first specialized center to serve entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises in the Kingdom in the fields of Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. The center aims to enable the small and medium enterprises sector to employ advanced technologies to develop these enterprises and increase their competitiveness.

  1. Supporting startups: adding a competitive advantage to small and medium enterprises that helps them to stay in the market and reduce the possibility of their failure.
  2. Empowering Entrepreneurs: supporting more startups, improving their quality, and helping them launch an initial product that can be put on the market.
  3. Building skills and stimulating the system: this is through raising the efficiency of the national human capital, preparing them for the skill and knowledge requirements for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and enhancing the role of the innovation system.
Technical Support

We will connect you with the right expert to get the consultation you need.

Programs and Events

Where we take abstract ideas and develop them into business concepts. Here you will find what you need to turn vision to reality.

Business Support

With the help of leading expert we will help reach the markets you seek to tap, by developing a deeper understanding of that market and the challenges in it.


Consulting hours in the center's specializations and related business development requirements.

Workshops and Camps

Lectures and course series presenting ways to use emerging technologies in facilities.

Thakaa Pioneers

Enabling existing startups to develop their businesses and apply technical solutions in the areas of the center.


Motivating and encouraging entrepreneurs to find innovative solutions in multiple fields.


Educational resources and leadership opportunities in emerging technologies online to sustain and maximize the impact of the center.

Thakaa Chances

Ideas and challenges that can be developed for products based on emerging technologies provided by government and private agencies.

Thakaa Community

An opportunity for individuals to participate and exchange knowledge within an effective technology system through meetings of technical groups and experts in the fields of technology and entrepreneurship.

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Thakaa Center for Internet of Things and Cyber Security was established to achieve one of the objectives of the Kingdom’s 2030 economic vision. The mission of the center is to enable startups and small and medium enterprises to operate and use innovations based on the Internet of Things and Cyber Security technologies.

No, we specialized in raising competencies and talents in data science, artificial intelligence, and technology in general, but we can coordinate with our partners incubators and accelerators in some cases to provide management consulting.

There is no fee for this, but the center's management will internally evaluate the priorities for usage requests in order of importance.

The center serves the kingdom as a whole, but the majority of our activities are available online on our website. While most of the physical events are held at the center’s headquarters in Al Khobar, and some are organized in other cities to spread the benefits.

Yes, all the services are for everyone. However, to achieve the center's goals in supporting entrepreneurs and developing enterprises, highest priority is given to the targeted group in some specialized programs.