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Unique apprenticeship program that leads to indie game company startups


May, 25th 2021 - May, 8th 2022

Launching Indie Game Companies


The Ministry of Communications and Information TechnologyDigiPen USA, And Advanced Initiative are now recruiting KSA citizens and residents for the Game Changers Program. Based in Riyadh, the Game Changers Program aims to help Saudis with a strong entrepreneurial spirit to launch indie game companies that produce engaging and interactive experiences for the MENA region. Over one year, the apprentices will be immersed in a fast-paced, collaborative environment where they will be mentored by veteran game industry professionals and incubation specialists to acquire the required technical, creative, and business skills needed to accomplish this primary goal. The game teams that form from within the Game Changers Program will develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that may result in the team advancing to an incubator phase where they will continue to receive significant launch support, including grant funding of up to 70,000 SAR.

Program Objectives

Provides overview of game development process and introduction to the entrepreneurial path to create a viable indie game company.

Skills Development

Specialized training based on discipline that an apprentice is hired for. Apprentices will also research into possible business ventures and begin forming teams that will potentially evolve into viable companies. 

MVP Production

The game teams focus on producing the "minimum viable product" (MVP) that will not only demonstrate their ability to apply the knowledge and skills gained during Phase 1 and 2, but it will also be evaluated by the Accelerator Selection Committee, made up of industry stakeholders to decide if the company should be accepted into the incubation phase. 


The game companies accepted will focus on both further development of their MVP to achieve a marketable product while also working to establish their businesses.

Program Sessions
Game Changers Q&A

To get an overview about the program and the faculty members.

Training Program - Phase 1
Training Hours

2,000 training hours provided by the best experts in the gaming industry.

Mentoring and Advising

Mentors and advisors from major international companies in the gaming industry.


Certificate of completion.

Incubation - Phase 2
Startup Grant

70,000 SAR startup grant for each graduated startup.

Intensive Training

Intensive training innovation and entrepreneurship.


Software and hardware perks and incentives.

Program Journey

6 weeks


16 weeks

Skills Development

16 weeks

MVP Production

16 weeks

Program Tracks
Game Design

Focused on understanding the elements and process for creating highly engaging experiences for all types of games and interactive applications.

Game Art & Animation

Emphasis on creative process to develop strong visual elements including characters, environments, props, visual effects, animation, and even user interface components.

Game Programming

Prepares programmers to bring the vision of game designers to reality through the creation of optimized code to implement gameplay elements including core game logic, artificial intelligence, physics, and graphics. 


Candidates must submit their application no later than the end of Friday, February 12, 2021.

Candidates will be kept informed via email, with the final acceptance notification being sent out no later than Thursday, March 11, 2021. 

For the initial cohort, the apprentice breakdown is as follows:

  • 20 game programmers
  • 20 game artists
  • 10 game designers

    An additional 50 individuals (20 programmers, 20 game artists, 10 game designers) will be chosen to fill any apprenticeship spots that open up during Phase 1. As a minimum, all members of this group will participate in an introduction to game development workshop.

There is no cost to participate if you are accepted as an apprentice.

There is no prescribed course sequence like those found in a traditional training model. This program uses an apprenticeship model where mentors will help individuals acquire the specific competencies needed for game development and to launch an indie game company.

All required equipment and materials are provided by the program.

During the program, apprentices will self-select their teams that will then be challenged to design and develop a “minimum viable product” (MVP) during Phase 3. The MVP’s will be presented to an incubation selection committee and those teams that are chosen to advance will be eligible to receive up to 70,000 Riyals to help fund the incubation phase.

No, the program will be fully implemented in equipped halls in Riyadh with a weekly working period from Sunday to Thursday From 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM Time Saudi.

The program is based in Riyadh and apprentices will need to relocate in order to participate.

Please contact the team directly by email to:


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