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Numo Program

We help you prepare for your next investment round

Joining this program is available through invitations ONLY. If you have any question, please contact us from here

Ready for the next level?


We are here to enable entrepreneurs transform technology ideas and emerging technical projects and elevate them to play a leading role in their industries, we proudly provide members with the technical and consultation support their businesses need in order to thrive, grow and succeed. We exist to take digital entrepreneurship to the next level!

Selection Criteria

Measurement criteria have been developed for entrepreneurial firms to accept their participation in the program in line with venture capital funds:

  • The company's financial health
  • Investment Rounds
  • Local and international expansion plan
  • Founders and Managers Experience
  • Excellence in the digital solution
  • Its importance in the regional market
Numo Journey
Meeting with the nominated startups
Choosing the best startup
Providing Numo program services
implement tasks and support (if necessary)
Announcing the closing of the investment round
Numo Services
Access to Regulation and Data
  • Contribute to solving related regulation challenges
  • Providing data and studies
Access to Talent and Skills
  • Raising the entrepreneurial skills of leaders
  • Leading mentorship sessions from specialized experts
Access to Entrepreneurial Community
  • Providing co-working spaces
  • Marketing support through participation in events
Access to Financial and Legal Services
  • The company's financial evaluation
  • Challenges and financial consultations
  • Financial statements review
  • Challenges and legal consultations
  • Contracts
Access to the Digital Perks

Providing a package of supported technical services with support of up to 300,000 riyals:

  • Cloud services
  • Payment gateways
  • Data and communications services
  • Marketing Programs
  • Data analysis software