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Venture Capital

We support entrepreneurs with innovative startups in developing their companies through financial investment and enhancing strategic aspects

Impact 46

a CMA authorized asset manager (18196-32) and advisor focused on alternative investment opportunities in Saudi Arabia, providing unique innovative investment products and services to local & international institutions, family groups, endowments, and high net worth investors.


An endowment established by young businessmen and angel investors to be the platform connecting innovative and pioneering startup founders with seasoned angel investors to develop leading enterprises that contribute to the welfare of the economy.

Nama Ventures

WE ARE TECH FOUNDERS FUNDING TECH STARTUPS. We are the champions of first money in (lets call it pre-seed) in MENA tech startups. Said differently, we want to give you your first investment cheque. If you are a MENA based startup, with a founding team that has complementary skill sets, then we sure want to talk to you, please apply below for funding.


We partner with exceptional founders building breakthrough companies and creating scalable impact in MENA. We recognizes potential when we see it, and we won’t hesitate to offer you our resources, funding and expertise so that your journey becomes a seamless transition.