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Code seeks to help startups run and develop their businesses with reduced operating cost. Once you are accepted in one of Code programs based on your stage (Ideation, MVP, Startup, Growth/Funded), you will get digital incentives, such as: gaining memberships from the largest entrepreneurship companies. As well as obtaining free and discounted digital tools from global platforms, in partnership with the Ministry of Communications, to overcome the obstacles faced by entrepreneurs in operating and developing their emerging projects.

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It is an initiative by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to Empower entrepreneurs and technology startups to provide packages of digital incentives at various stages of the growth of their ideas, projects & Startups.

We offer you many privileges, benefits and services for free or discounted to help Saudi startups reduce thier operating costs.

In an effort to bridge the digital gap we provided the best available resources to help you build and grow your startup as "the first Saudi Perks network" of local and global success partners in supporting Saudi Tech entrepreneurial Startups.

No, Non-refundable and are completely for free or discounted for a certain period of time. 

  1. Saudi VCs & ESOs
  2. Saudi entrepreneurs and startups in various stages